Virtual Poster Fair

Interested in partnering with other alumni to implement a small grant project?

Browse these posters to learn about your fellow participants' small grant ideas or existing projects in media literacy!

Project Poster - Victor Hugo Alves.pdf


By Victor Alves, Brazil

Contact Victor at:

Project Poster - Inti Barrientos.pdf

A Guide to Navigate

By Inti Barrientos, Mexico

Contact Inti at:

Project Poster - Grazielle Brandt.pdf

GTARI Digital

By Grazielle Betina Brandt, Brazil

Contact Grazielle at:

Project Poster - Mariana Brazao.pdf

Digital Inclusion and Visibility: Amplifying the Work of the Indigenous Artists of the Xingu

By Mariana Brazão, United States

Contact Mariana at:

Project Poster - Jonathan Castro Riera.pdf

Media Literacy for Women Entrepreneurs

By Jonathan Castro Riera, Venezuela

Contact Jonathan at:

Project Poster - Andreia Machado Castiglioni de Araújo.pdf

Teacher's Authorship in Digital Technologies

By Andreia Castiglioni, Brazil

Contact Andreia at:

Project Poster - Alfredo Coelho Mendonça and Alexandre Enrique Leitão.pdf

Geoprocessing, Media Literacy, and Covid-19

By Alfredo Coelho Mendonça and Alexandre Enrique Leitão, Brazil

Contact Alfredo and Alexandre at: and

Project Poster - William Crow.pdf

Critical Conversations: Strategies for Teaching Media Literacy through Photographs

By William Crow, United States

Contact William at:

Project Poster - Jayme Hoyte.pdf

Critical Thinking Journalism for Youths

By Jayme Hoyte, Trinidad & Tobago

Contact Jayme at:

Project Poster - Lori Keyne.pdf

El Centro Community Center

By Lori Keyne, United States

Contact Lori at:

Project Poster 1 - Alexandre Leitao.pdf

Media Literacy through Shakespeare

By Alexandre Enrique Leitão, Brazil

Contact Alexandre at:

Project Poster 2 - Alexandre Leitao.pdf

Urban Vertical Agrovillage

By Alexandre Enrique Leitão, Brazil

Contact Alexandre at:

Project Poster - Andres Riva.pdf

MLADI: Media Literacy Against Disinformation Initiative

By Andrés Riva, Uruguay

Contact Andrés at:

Project Poster - Jennifer Schell.pdf

Young Leaders & Speakers Bootcamp

By Jennifer Schell, Venezuela

Contact Jennifer at:

Project Poster - Ana Maria Vasquez.pdf

Digital Finance Literacy for Giggers

By Ana María Vasquez, Guatemala

Contact Ana María at:

Instructions for Creating a Virtual Poster

Posters may address a variety of topics related to media literacy.

Please submit your virtual poster to

  • Accepted file formats include Google Slides, Power Point, or PDF (although, we suggest first creating the poster in Microsoft Word before converting it to PDF)

  • Posters should be a single slide/page and in English.

Poster Requirements

Your poster should address the following questions:

  • Project Title

  • What is your project? Provide a brief background on how the project originated?

  • What are the goals for your project idea? Who is target audience/beneficiaries for this project?

Tips for Making Your Poster

  • Use "easy to read" fonts and avoid italics and underlines.

  • Select a high-contrast color scheme.

  • Use white space/open space wisely.

  • You may wish to include links to web pages with more details so your poster can focus on the main points.

  • Please add "alt text" to all images and graphics. This includes images that contain text.


  • Click on this link to learn how to add alt text to images in Word:

  • To add alt text to images in Google Slides, either right-click or hit "Control+Alt+Y" and select "Alt Text".